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  So what do you want to know about anti-gravity and various propulsion technologies?  
Tired of trying to understand all the mumbo-jumbo and ufo disinformation and confusion out there?
It's not as difficult as you might think, once we break it down by category, method, or technology, to get a better understanding of the technology out there.


Antigravity and Propulsion Techniques 101

Your basic guide to understanding most of the basic methods of overcoming gravity and/or maneuvring aircraft and spacecraft...

(updated 1-5-17 - added a new classification for orgone related levitation and gravity control)

So let's break this down first by talking about the various antigravity and propulsion techniques and technologies that I am aware of and how I have decided to classify them ("Benedict's Classification of Antigravity and Propulsion Systems" - BCAPS, anyone?).

Then just for kicks and giggles, I'm just going to list every anti-gravity or propulsion engine or idea I have ever come across, and let you sort them out... :-)

The term "antigravity" applied loosely covers any technology that is used to overcome gravity (to float, fly, or otherwise escape Earth's "gravity well"). When used in the strictest literal sense of the word, it actually refers only to reverse gravity fields that supposedly repel normal gravity. For the purposes of this site though, we're going to stick with the loose interpretation.

Of course many people also loosely use the term to apply to various propulsion techniques as well, and there is a lot of both overlap and differences between the two lists (anti-gravity and propulsion). At first I DID classify them as separate lists, but upon later thought, I decided to condense them both down into one list, for the sake of ease of classification. I am not going to separate anti-gravity (overcoming gravity) from propulsion techniques (which can also be used to overcome gravity).

Antigravity and Propulsion Categories
(according to my BCAPS system of classification)

  • I. Reaction Mass - This is a brute force method of fighting and overcoming gravity, or moving things around. It includes chemical rockets, ion engines, and anything else that throws something backwards in order to move forwards, by sheer brute force (F=ma)...

  • II. Force-Field Propulsion - Moving in some direction utilizing the Biefield-Brown effect, Lorenz Force, or some other force-field based technology...

  • III. Inertia Conversion - Converting Rotational Angular Momentum or gyroscopic action into straight linear motion...

  • IV. Density and Pressure Manipulation - The Bernoulli Effect fits here, as well as most airplane, sailboat, combustion engine, hot air balloon, blimp, and helicopter technologies. Can also be applied in other ways....

  • V. Bio-kinetic - akin to telekinesis - mind/thought power, whether natural or artificially augmented...

  • VI. Gravity Field Shielding - This is where a local field (gravity, magnetic, electric, etc) is shielded in one direction in order to provide lift (often through a secondary mechanism or effect)...

  • VII. Field Disconnection or Bubbling - This is where an object(s) is not just directionally shielded from, but completely bubbled/disconnected entirely away from any/all local field(s) (ie. magnetic, gravity, etc)...

  • VIII. Field Reversal or Reflection - so-called reverse gravity, gravity repulsion, or true Anti-Gravity, although you can also repel electric and magnetic fields as well...

  • IX. ZPF Energy Extraction / Gravity Conversion - Zero-Point Field energy extraction, Gravity Conversion, over-unity devices, etc...

  • X. Wormhole, Gateway, Tesseract, Doorway, or "Teleporter" - connecting two points in space with a tunnel, gate, doorway, FST "wrinkle" or information connection...

  • XI. Hyperspace - Jumping to an alternate, parallel or sub dimension to travel in before dropping back to this one...

  • XII. Orgone - Using orgone to affect and manipulate gravity and propulsion...

And there you have it. Every known propulsive technology (that I am aware of) in existence, and/or method of overcoming gravity to either fly up through the air or escape a "gravity well" (like a planet). They pretty much all fall fairly neatly into one of the above categories (although the lines between categories 6, 7, and 8 can get a little hazy at times).

Stay tuned as I slowly (occasionally) flesh this page out and continue filling in some of the blanks. Thanks. -tim

But why am I building this site?

The biggest reason is probably simply because I like exotic and cutting edge science. I have a nose for it, so to speak. And I wanted some place to brain-dump all my research in a logical coordinated way, so it made sense, and where other people could also use it.

In all honesty, I also needed someplace on the net here where I could post ads for other books I have written (starving author story here...). So I'm killing lots of birds with one stone here.

It is also my belief that by providing and explaining this basic framework, we can use it to ascertain the mechanism whereby some inventors have been able to make things fly without truly being able to explain or understand why (like David Hamel's flying 55-gallon drums).

Similarly, it should also let us start to classify in a logical method, some of the many ufos that we see out there, to identify the technologies they use, and to understand them.

Ultimately, the classification system should also guide some of our (and mine too) research into new breakthroughs.

I want to walk on the moon some day - it's on my bucket list. And I figure, based on the way things are going here at home, with our economy going to hades, the growing welfare-itization of society, and the destruction and regulation of all personal initiative, responsibility, and dignity, the only person that it going to get me there, is me. So this is my brain dump as I begin to explore every technology I can find, before I start building prototypes...

I hope you enjoy reading through this page as much as I enjoyed writing it, and maybe even playing with some of the technology yourself. I know I will...

Note: Rather than provide you with specific links to document every single technology that I mention, I will leave it to you to google them yourself. Links come and go like the seasons, and there are some very good ones out there explaining (in detail some of them), the different technologies more thoroughly. The purpose of this site is not to explain the inner workings of every single technology out there that I mention, but rather to briefly build a classification system whereby we can start making sense of all these different emerging or rediscovered technologies.

Anti-gravity and Propulsion

(Technology used to overcome gravity and/or move around)

Category I. Reaction Mass
I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this one because it is already so familiar to us. It's all action and reaction physics. Throw something backwards, whether mass or energy, and you move forward. Simple. Whether it's a straight chemical rocket, a jet engine, or even an ion or nuclear pulse deep space engines, they all throw something backwards in order to move forwards.

The problem is that as soon as you run out of mass or energy to throw backwards, you stop accelerating forwards, and either friction or the local gravity field (or magnetic, electric, etc) will drag on you and eventually slow you back down to a stop. And at some point, the mass/weight of the reaction mass or fuel becomes so prohibitive that the engine doesn't even move forwards anymore (it's the whole F=ma thing again).

In the case of getting off the ground and going UP, it's a brute force method of overcoming gravity (and generally fairly inefficient compared to other methods). You expend an equal or greater force in the opposite direction than that of gravity, such that you go UP. It's ANY propulsion method that OVERCOMES the effects of gravity rather than shielding its effects, disconnecting from its effects, reversing its effects, or otherwise using another technology to leverage against gravity.

Category II. Force-Field Propulsion (or lifting)
Force field propulsion is a more fun alternative to reaction-mass technologies. And there are several different ways to achieve it.

The most basic form of force-field propulsion comes to us by way of the Biefield-Brown effect. Originally discovered by Thomas Townsend Brown, who took his findings to the more established Biefield (who publicized them), the effect is named after both men who together made it famous.

But here's the gist of it. When you charge up a rigid flat plate capacitor to sufficiently high voltage (apparently as little as 5,000 volts in some situations), the whole assembly will develop thrust towards the positive plate (and move in that direction if un-impeded). Brown found that the higher the voltage, the higher the thrust. And the higher the dielectric value of the insulator between the plates, the higher the thrust. And apparently, the thrust developed does not particularly "use up" the high voltage used to initiate the effect.

Then he started experimenting with changing the ratios of the surface area of the plates in regards to each other, and thus developed some fairly asymmetric field densities that magnified the effect. Then when he reportedly started rotating them too, he achieved enough thrust for levitation and lift-off, at which point the US military reportedly stepped in and suddenly classified all of his work after that point.

I have also come across handwritten notes on the web detailing an "electric rocket" design, supposedly invented by a young kid quite a few years ago. I know of a number of groups of people actively trying to recreate this device from the drawings, with scattered reports of success. Unfortunately, most of them (people trying to duplicate it) are working blindly (imho), by trial and error, without really understanding what they are doing. I think that if they recognized the design for what it is, a cascaded Biefield-Brown device, I personally think that they would immediately start seeing more success in duplication of the device.

Note: Some prototypes of the electric rocket device also apparently produce a "wind" pressure (NOT ionic in nature, as it easily (reportedly) passes through most matter) of some sort that operates at a distance to push AGAINST other matter/mass. Though I do not believe this to be true reverse gravity per se' (as it would logically change the magnitude of its effect based on the size and density of the mass being pushed against, if it were a reverse gravitational effect), I also do not have a explanation of what it might be, nor have I had a chance to research it yet.

A tiny.. rabbit trail here...

Star trek impulse engines in their long nacelle assemblies, could be duplicated incredibly easy by using massive Biefield-Brown Cascade devices. The Enterprise 1701 is an incredibly appropriate design in fact for this technology, especially if you couple it with Tesla's MHD FST-squirt drive (keep reading; FST=Fabric of Space-Time).

There is also another force-field effect called the MagnetoHydroDynamic (MHD) effect (apparently pioneered by Tesla), that can be produced by air core, flat plate capacitors running at high-frequency and high-voltage, such that the Lorentz forces generated by current flowing crossways across the capacitor gap apparently produce massive, directional thrust (I mention this one again further down below).

There are other ways as well to develop thrust straight from energy without reaction mass (like pumping certain luminescent materials with pulsed light, or working with expanded quartz, etc), but the Biefield-Brown and MagnetoHydroDynamic (MHD) effects are still the most well known and best studied so far.

Category III. Inertia Conversion
This technology actually depends on inertia to create forward motion, in contrast to some of the other technologies discussed so far. The Cowlishaw GIT device converts angular momentum of spinning masses directly into linear motion. The Dean drive, the Cook drive, the Morgan drive, Laithwaite's gyroscopes, and others, all do this by various means as well, through true mechanical ingenuity.

I have also noticed though, that some of these designs operate more smoothly than others - several of them have a real tendency to "pogo-stick" along as they "rachet" themselves through the FST - Fabric of Space Time.

In summary though, you could build a totally enclosed black box, totally sealed (no ports, no holes, no active surfaces, no nothing), with a battery, motor, and spinning gears and weights and whatnot inside. Drop it in the middle of space, turn it on, and the box takes off, and keeps going for as long as the battery lasts. It's very cool. It's not a very good method of brute force lifting, but for small maneuvering in a gravity free environment, this one is ideal.

Category IV. Density and Pressure Manipulation
We're all pretty familiar with some of the more classic, down-to-Earth applications of this category using air and chemistry. A rapidly moving airplane wing/air-foil or rotating propeller creates a pressure differential between above the wing (or air-foil) and below it (the Bernoulli effect), that pulls the attached plane or craft forward (or UP). Hot air balloons and blimps that contain a trapped volume of low(er) density air wants to rise above the surrounding (more) dense air. A hot air balloon or sailboat travels forward due to wind air pressure put upon them. Combustion engines turn by burning some fuel in a confined space such that the pressure created moves mechanical/physical objects. Etc and so forth.

Where things get interesting in regards to space flight, is when you start applying these same asymmetric pressure and density differential forces to things like gravity, magnetism, electricity, light, and even the fabric of space-time itself. We can build devices that create a magnetic or electrical differential between above and below a craft, such that the craft rises through a planet's surrounding magnetic or electrical field.

Just like you amplify the Bernoulli effect by spinning/rotating an air-foil shaped propeller in the air (a fluid), I believe you can theoretically also amplify or magnify the (I'm looking for a name for it) effect created by rapidly spinning/rotating an asymmetric magnetic foil corollary to a propeller. This device will pull you through a magnetic field (also a fuid), just like a propeller pulls you through air. It is this author's humble hypothesis that the rotating magnetic cones in 55-gallon drums from David Hamel (he is also known for his theoretical "granite butterfly" ufo design), make up a magnetic pressure differential cascade device.

There is also no reason why you can't do the same thing with electric fields (also fluids). If you establish a high voltage point source or line, separated from a much larger target high voltage ground, the two poles being separated by a suitable high strength dielectric insulator, you create a massively asymmetric electrical differential field between them. If you rotate them, theoretically you amplify their effect. With a device such as this operated within the earth's electrical field, you should get some very cool results.

Moving along...

And because other people have been ripping off this page and posting it across the net as their own research, I am adding a blurb here. If you are not reading this on the Antigravity101 dot com site, you are reading something someone has stolen from me, and you need to go to that site itself to read the real deal. Sorry. Thanks. -tim

But back to business...

Solar sails rely on the idea that the force/pressure exerted by sunlight reflecting off the sails, will provide enough force (on a sufficiently large sail) to accelerate a space craft forwards. A gravity shield sail might work the same way. I talk more below about the pressure exerted by gravity waves on inertialess objects also being enough to provide propulsion. By appropriately angling a gravity shield, you could even theoretically control the direction of propulsion based on a single gravity source, much like a sailboat can tack any direction, even INTO the wind, based on the angle of the sail to the craft and wind.

There is another type of pressure/density differential propulsion that I believe is actually capable of FTL (faster than light) speeds. I have run across it in several different places.

The first place I came across this idea, was in the writings of Tesla, the father of our modern electrical grid, three phase motors, tesla coils, florescent lights, and more. He found that flat plate, air core capacitors powered by his tesla coils did funny things to the very fabric of spacetime. AC powered tesla coil capacitors running at high power seemed to "densify" (is that a word?) the very fabric of space-time in the capacitor (to the point of it acting like actual matter that could be pushed against - there's possible ship shield technology here, imho). Pulsed DC tesla coil capacitors on the other hand, expand or decompress the fabric of space time.

The end result is that if you put an AC tesla coil powering a sideways air-space capacitor of sufficient size in the back end of your space ship, and a DC tesla coil powering a similar capacitor in the front or bow, then your ship will literally "squirt" through the fabric of spacetime. If you bubble/disconnect the rest of the ship from the local gravity frame of reference (see below), this ship would theoretically be capable of massively huge speeds well beyond the speed of light.

The second place I came across this idea, of compressing and expanding the FST (Fabric of Space Time-some people also call it the Zero-Point Field or ZPF) around a star-ship in order to provide FTL propulsion, came from NASA itself, whereby they recently proposed a theoretical way to achieve this (without the disconnection process though). They are calling it a "warp" drive, after the star trek series that made the theoretical warp engine a common everyday word.

How do I know the FST is actually compressible, or expandable? If you have ever visited the "gravity vortex" outside of Medford, Oregon (USA), you'll know what I am talking about. There are natural FST compression and expansion fields active there, whereby you can actually feel the effects (and document them photographically) as you walk through them. It's actually a very cool place to visit. And supposedly, it's not the only geographical location on Earth where these fields can be seen and felt.

Category V. Bio-Kinetic
History is replete with anecdotes and instances of people self-levitating, or lifting objects with thought alone (telekinesis), usually while also spiritually meditating, sleep walking, or using "magic" of some sort. There are even actual sleep studies that have documented sleep walkers that weigh much less while sleep walking, than while awake. And when getting into UFology, there are occasional abductee stories where the "alien" abductors claim to move their craft through mind power alone.

Indeed, there are even stories of various concoctions of various ORMUS and ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements - elements that are often toxic in their most natural state, but not when in Ormus form) and m-state materials, that when ingested, amp up a person's thought power and allow them to manifest things physically (like the ability to self-levitate). Do ORMUS elements exist? Without a doubt. I've even watched them be created (anyone ever see transparent silver? It's beautiful). Have I documented their physical effects on my own psyche? Noooo.... not yet anyway. It's kinda dangerous to have your thought process permanently amped up - consider if every time you cussed something out, or cursed it, it immediately came true.

Of course, bio-levitation with unseen help from the spirit world falls into this category also, but is not just fraught with danger, but way beyond dangerous, so it is strongly discouraged by this author.

Alternately, I have also heard rumors of actual thought wave amplifiers made from discrete electronic components that allow a person to manifest specific events like bio or craft levitation, or telekinesis, without also manifesting unwanted side-effect stuff while living normal life the rest of the time.

Category VI. Gravity Field Shielding
The research of Podkletov first brought this concept to me, and it was bolstered by other technologies that I later came across. But Podkletnov first.

Podkletnov discovered that masses above spinning superconductors seemed to lose weight, and that the effect had very well defined edges to it. As in, ANYTHING/EVERYHING in an invisible column extending straight up from one of his flat spinning superconductors, seemed to lose weight. The conclusion was that the spinning disc was somehow "shielding" everything above it from the effects of gravity below. And though it was only a partial loss, the simple fact that it was possible at all, means that logically, there should also be ways to make the effect complete, ways just waiting to be discovered.

Technically though, the "antigravity" effect in this technology might actually just be a secondary effect. Basically, the column of air above the shield loses weight and thus rises. This creates a suction/vacuum below the rising air where air rushes in to replace what is already rising. It's an air fountain. If the shield generating device is somehow connected to a "parachute" or something that can ride the "gravity thermal" or "air-fountain" that is created above the shield, then you get a craft that lifts and goes up.

Then I came across another technology that I believe to be a primarily gravity shielding effect as well, with possibly bubble and/or repulsion effects thrown in to boot (see below). It's an effect called the "Cavity Structure Effect", apparently discovered and first publicly documented by a Russian scientist by the name of Viktor S. Grebennikov back in 1983 or so.

In short, he discovered (first in insect wings), that certain structures and resonant/repeating arrangements of specifically shaped cavities, will cause a gravity shielding effect, helping some insects to fly. In particular, he found it in insects that classical physics can't explain why they can get off the ground at all (certain bees fall into this category).

He was reportedly able to duplicate an array of these cavity structures is such a way as to build a small platform (shield) upon which he could stand and thus fly around (it had something like bicycle brake control cables to control the effects). And he did mention being surrounded in something of a bubble when thus flying. It was also his firm belief that other powers-that-be had also discovered this effect and had built working prototypes of flying vehicles using this technology.

Oh goody! Another Rabbit Trail!

What is the speed of gravity (or gravity waves)?

I hear the term "Gravity WAVES" more and more, another clue that some scientists are starting to think or recognize that gravity is more than just a basic field like electricity or magnetism alone- no one talks about magnetic waves, or electricity waves...

In short, the trouble is that if gravity is a property of space-time itself, then Podkletnov's spinning superconductor gravity shield shouldn't work. The effects of Gravity travel THRU/ACROSS spacetime in basically straight lines (though it can be lensed slightly apparently), without being an intrinsic part of it, just like EM waves (light, radio, gamma, etc).

The effects of Gravity propagate so fast as to be nearly instantaneous for all practical Earth-local purposes. This is one reason why Einstein concluded that gravity was a property and curvature of space-time itself, and coined the idea of "gravity wells", simply because if you look at the dynamics of even our own solar system, if you assume that gravity (and/or its effects) travel just at the speed of light, then the planet earth is falling towards a point where the sun WAS eight minutes ago, and the whole system breaks down. The interaction HAS to be instantaneous, or nearly so, in order for planetary orbits to remain stable.

So here's the kicker. If we modulate Podkletnov's gravity shield with data, the column of space above it becomes like a data communication gravity laser (graser? You heard it here first!) where data transfer could/would occur at speeds and distances far beyond the capabilities of what current radio and EM field modulation allows for.

I just ran across an article awhile back (10-14-14) wherein Podkletnov (yes, same guy) has now measured what he believes to be the speed/velocity of gravity (or its effects), and he puts it in the vicinity of 64c (64 times faster than the speed of light), though in reading the article, I do not know if he is measuring the actual speed/velocity of Gravity, or the speed of the effects of his force-field "repulsor" beam (which may or may not be the same as gravity itself, imho). http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/chat/3169171/posts

Category VII. Field Disconnection or "Bubbling"
One of the lesser understood principles of gravity and inertia is the concept that if you "disconnect" an object from the local gravity field, its apparent inertia also goes away (classical scientists will debate this with you all day long though. I simply challenge them to explain to me why the constants for mathematically finding the inertia of an object, and the acceleration constant due to Earth's gravity, are for all practical intents and purposes, are the same number).

This leads us to all sorts of interesting possibilities. For instance. If you make an object's inertia go away, you also make its apparent mass go away. And according to the well known classical formula F=ma (the force required to move an object is equal to the mass of the object times the acceleration you want to achieve), if you drop your mass to nothing, your acceleration goes through the roof, using the same applied force as before. IE, a mere finger flick could send an apparent ten-ton object sailing across the room if it is disconnected from the local gravity field (the disconnection process wiping out its inertia and apparent mass).

And yes, there are ways to do this, and it can be verified by observational evidence (like ufos making right angle turns at high speed -no inertia), old inventions buried in the US patent office that document the ability (I've seen them), and anecdotal evidence gained by people experimenting with, and chasing, this phenomenon.

Now even though when dealing with gravity this "disconnection effect" by itself is not a true "antigravity" effect in the strictest sense of the word, I included it here because it IS a direct interaction with gravity, even though it still requires some other method (though negligible) of propulsion to actually escape a so-called "gravity well".

But when we look into magnetic bubbling as well, now we're into a whole new subject area.

And herein lies one of the major differences between gravity "fields" and straight, simple magnetic or electric fields. Magnetic and electric fields act more like a fluid, filling in gaps and spaces and flowing around and through items. Throw a non-magnetically permeable item into a magnetic field, and the field just goes around it like a river flowing around a floating log. But throw a gravity shield into a gravity field, and suddenly you get gravity shadows, just like you would expect from normal electromagnetic fields (especially high frequency ones like visible light). Gravity, though it can be bent slightly, typically operates in straight lines. It doesn't flow around things.

Which brings up an interesting phenomenon. If you disconnect an object from both the local gravity AND magnetic fields, suddenly you get a buoyancy effect from your magnetic bubble floating in the Earth's magnetic field (which flows like a fluid-thicker closer to ground level, but weaker (less dense) the farther out you go). This buoyancy effect is more than strong enough to create the force necessary to blast an object that has had its inertia nullified, high into the sky just like a bubble of air shooting up to the surface of water.

There are several different methods of achieving this "bubble effect" that I have run across or am aware of.

And because various scum suckers have been reposting this page across the net without giving me credit, I (tim, the original author) am adding a disclaimer here. If you are not currently on the Antigravity101 dot com website, you are reading plagiarized material, and you might or might not be reading my real thoughts on the subject and my proposed BCAPS classification system. Please come to the real site I just mentioned. Sorry. tim benedict

Back on track now...

I've heard of guys using discrete electronic components and pseudo EM theory to create a "blocking" shield bubble that bubbles off an area. You can create nuclear resonance within an object such that it vibrates out of phase with the local gravity field (near as I can tell anyway). You can even do this with sound waves and compute it mathematically (old ufo stories of ufos sounding like a million pipe organs all at once, or tibetan monks flying huge boulders using specially tuned musical instruments and scores, etc and so forth). You can also apparently use microwaves and/or high strength ELF (extremely low frequency) fields to create this same nuclear resonance (Francis Aquino is a name that comes up here). You can use pulsed rotating magnetic fields (look up Dan Davidson). You can use high speed rotating, odd-spin state metals (like mercury) to create the effect (Vimanas, TR-3B, others). You can apparently use specially shaped high frequency, high voltage fields. And more.

And now for..... another Rabbit Trail (or three...)

If you could create a disconnected bubble such that even the local EM field (like light and radio waves) flowed AROUND you (which they DON'T normally do - normally they are either absorbed or reflected - and cast shadows), suddenly you have radar and visual invisibility (active camouflage, in more military terms). Apparently, the rumored Philadelphia Experiment was an attempt to do just this, but apparently the matter-phase-shifting side-effects were disastrous, with apparently lethal effects on some of the crew. Proceed with caution...

Rabbit Hole #2. If you create a bubble with a very strong but cleanly defined edge, the gravity, magnetic, electric, and EM field pressure gradient across that boundary could theoretically be made strong enough to literally rip ANY mass trying to cross that boundary, into a million pieces (think star trek ship shields). With a strong enough sheer across the boundary, the boundary itself would simply become impenetrable versus destructive (theoretically, or course).

Rabbit Trail #3! Everyone talks about the speed of light being the absolute maximum velocity attainable in any propulsion method (and they also talk about the accompanying time-dilation and relativistic effects). And for many technologies, this is true.

But there is one faulty assumption that everyone also makes when they state this as fact.

This "law" ONLY holds true for technologies that remain tied to the universe's gravity field, and thus retain their inertia. Inertia and mass are the limiting factors in the equation here.

If on the other hand though, you disconnect from the universal gravity frame, and take your apparent inertia to zero, suddenly the speed of light limit also evaporates (along with most or all of the relativistic time dilation effects as well). Your speed/velocity is suddenly limited ONLY by how completely (or not) that you have disconnected or bubbled off from the universe at large in order to travel.

Is that not cool or what?

Category VIII. Field Reversal
For a long time now, scientists have debated the idea that since magnetism and electricity both have two poles whereby a field (fluid-like) flows between them, whether or not gravity might also be similar, and have two poles, whereby you could create a reverse gravitational field that repels normal gravity, kinda like two magnetic north poles repel each other, or two magnetic south poles, or two positive electrical potentials, or two negative electrical potentials, etc and so forth.

Let's look at the first half of this presoposition first. In any two pole scenario, when there are just two poles whereby a field flows between them, then like poles repel, and unlike poles attract. Magnetism works this way, as does electricity. Hence, if you build a craft that points a north magentic pole down while in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth, or a south magnetic pole down in the Southern Hemisphere, the craft should float on the magnetic repulsion field created. Same with Electrostatics. Lightning happens when sparks jump between clouds in the atmosphere, and ground (the other pole). If you build a craft that presents a negative charge down, it should be repelled by the negative charge of the Earth itself, and float (and glow). So how do we do the same with gravity, as gravity doesn't seem to have two poles whereby flow happens between them?

Unfortunately, in everyone's attempt to create the grand theory of everything linking gravity, electricity, and magnetism, it is my opinion that their working premise is flawed.

Let me explain.

Classical scientists usually lump gravity in with both magnetism and electricity as a fundamental force in a triangle of the three. The trouble is, I don't think gravity should be in this triangle. In its effects, in my humble opinion, gravity acts more like electro-magnetics (an applied combination of electricity and magnetism), than it does either magnetism or electricity alone. Gravity effects are more like light (look up "gravity lens"), being able to be bent, but also able to throw shadows (like from gravity shields). Electricity and Magnetism both flow into and around items like a fluid. Gravity acts more like an applied specific combination of the two (similar to electromagnetism-which also does NOT necessarily FLOW between two poles), rather than a force similar to them.

Now having said all this, are there ways that we can repel EM (electromagnetic) fields? Sort of.

Depending on the frequency, radio waves will bounce off of grounded solid objects (satellite tv dishes use this idea). Radar waves bounce off of solid objects like aircraft. Etcetera and so forth. And all EM fields exert measurable (though generally small) pressure on any object that they bounce off of. Even light does this (think about the solar sails some scientists are proposing for some of our "deep space" probes).

I believe a reflected gravity field would do the same thing (exert pressure). And if the object reflecting the gravity field/wave was also "disconnected" (which naturally it would be, behind a reflective shield) and was thus inertia-less, this reflection pressure could be substantial enough to cause significant movement and "repulsion" appearing effects.

It thus also follows then, that if gravity is also just a special combination field of electricity, magnetism, and maybe some other atomic level field(s), we can also cause gravity "waves" to bounce off of an object (thus causing a repulsion-like effect).

Now we come to a theoretical technology championed by someone named Bob Lazar, who claims to have worked on reverse engineering a crashed ufo. He claims that at its core, the engine of this particular craft contained a mass of element number 115 which theoretically, contains an atomic nucleus large enough to detect by normal methods, the EM component of actual gravity waves emanating from the element's nucleus . By then simply amplifying, phase shifting the signal 180 degrees, then rebroadcasting that signal, it would repel normal gravity and provide lift.

I believe that while theoretically possible to do what he proposes from a technical standpoint, I do not believe this technology creates true reverse gravity repulsion, but rather just a phase cancellation of the local gravity field and thus a disconnection/bubble effect (the same concept behind noise cancelling headphones) where the gravity reflection pressure is the force moving the craft, versus a true reverse gravity repulsion effect.

And yet another Rabbit Trail!

There are a growing number of scientists that believe that gravity is actually a subset of a new field of wave theory called "Scalar Waves", basically like electromagnetic waves that (by some accounts, and by various means) have their magnetic component either stripped out or phase cancelled. Scalar waves can reportedly do all sorts of cool, bizarre, and weaponizable things (as well as "repel" or "disconnect" from the local gravity field). Interesting stuff, if you get into it and research it.

There is one other theory that bears mention here, because it actually answers some problematic questions that other gravity theories can't. It's like this. I was reading where a number of years ago, a spacecraft of some sort measured the effects of gravity on the other side of the moon from the Earth, expecting to see the effects of BOTH the moons AND the Earth's gravity SUMMED on the spacecraft's mass. Instead, they read a SUBTRACTION of the moon's gravity from that of the Earth. Explain that one! So someone proposed that gravity is simply empty FST "pushing" matter together, versus mass "attracting" mass together. There are actually some very intelligent people pushing this paradigm shifting idea. And If this is true, then the moon would act as a partial shield on the spacecraft from the Earth's gravity, perfectly explaining the actual experimental/empirical results they obtained. If this a more accurate gravity model than the "attraction" one that classical physics teaches, then suddenly, all sorts of new possibilities for intelligent and effective gravity control present themselves...

One last Rabbit Trail here, and then I'm done...

If you look through the patent office, there are actual existing patents already on file for devices that create "gravity-like" attraction fields. Once we understand how to create them, it logically follows that we should then also be able to figure out how to shield, disconnect, and/or "repel" them as well.

And one last time, because several different bottom feeders have reposted this page other places on the net without giving me proper credit and even claiming it as their own work, I (timothy benedict, the original author, google me) have to add a disclaimer here. Sorry about that. If you are not currently looking at my Antigravity101 dot com URL, you are reading a ripoff site. And worse, you might not even be reading my original words, or seeing the actual BCAPS classification system presentation. I suppose I should be flattered by this attention and their attempts at imitation, but I'm not amused in the least. Sorry. the author timothy benedict

Category IX. Zero-Point Field (ZPF) Energy Extraction / Gravity Conversion
There are a number of devices out there, among them Floyd Sweet's oscillating magnets and/or other devices that rely on resonant phenomenon, that appear to produce more energy than they consume, becoming so-called "over-unity" devices. And while according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, this isn't possible in a closed system, the universe is not a closed system. It is an open system, and the extra energy produced by these machines appears to be either coming from the theoretical zero-point field of space time, or from converting gravity directly into other forms of energy (usually electricity). I say this because there are consistent reports associated with these machines that along with extra energy production, there is often a corresponding reduction of apparent weight, up to and including full weightlessness.

Category X. Wormhole, Gateway (like a "stargate"), Tesseract (space folding), Doorway, Teleporter...
Now we get into a whole new category of broad theoretical (and real) possibilities (that might eventually need to actually be split into two categories). I'm not going to say much about this category here though, simply because I do not have enough hard facts to back myself up yet, only some theories, hypothesises, and anecdotal evidence. Note: I'm including the category in the classification simply because eventually, it will need to be here. I've met and talked with people who have seen, used, or experienced "doorways" and/or teleporters first hand, so I believe some of this technology to already be real, but I just don't understand most of it well enough yet to explain them yet.

Category XI. Hyperspace
See the note on Category Ten above. I have theories and ideas, but not even validation or anecdotal evidence yet. So I'm not going to talk about them yet, other than to repeat what I mentioned above. It includes any technology that involves jumping to an alternate, parallel or hyper, or sub dimension to travel in before dropping back to this one someplace else...

Category XII. Orgone
When you get into orgone research (also known by a bunch of other names as well, depending on who discovered this or that aspect of the orgone field), you find all sorts of crazy stuff. Some of it is clearly disinformation, but a lot of it is amazingly consistent among the different researchers out there. Although I personally have very limited knowledge and experience with working directly with orgone, and thus can't speak authoritatively on the subject, I will point out some observations I have made concerning it.

Orgone fields are supposed to be able to make stuff levitate, and I've read lots of anecdotal evidence to that effect. They also apparently get shorted out by things like strong EM and radar fields. Lots of researchers will also attest to this. AND this is the only thing I can come up with to explain the sudden windfall of UFO crashes that the US government experienced in 1947 right after they turned on the national radar grid (from what I understand) for the first time.

It also explains the consistent reports in early UFO-logy about various craft being tied to the pilot's intent and will (orgone fields interact with and couple very easily with living things). Two names that come up as pioneers in the field of orgone research, just to name a few to get you started on your way, include Victor Schauburger and Wilhelm Reich.

In fact, some people would actually make this whole category of propulsion and antigravty techniques a subsection under the Bio-kinetc classification because orgone is supposedly so strongly tied to "life-force" and the operators there-of. I have chosen to make it its own class because it can also be channelled and manipulated mechanically, without user intervention, with whole entire machines and apparatuses built upon it to use and harness it.

So I believe orgone fields are real. They are harnessable, in reproducible ways. And they can apparently make stuff fly and move. So I included it. And I gave it its own classification because it appears that some of the mechanisms whereby it creates movement, do not fall neatly into any one of the previous sections.

Stay tuned while I do research on whether or not to include Tesla's "Radiant Energy" under its own classification as well, or make it a subsection of a something else!!!

The Big List...
(Every antigrav or propulsion method I could think of or can remember having come across - in no particular order, as of July 2014)

  • Cowlishaw GIT drive
  • Dean inertial propulsion drive
  • Bootstrap lifter
  • Morgan inertial propulsion drive
  • Cook inertial propulsion
  • Laithwaite's gyroscopes
  • Chemical reaction rockets
  • Jet engines
  • Bernoulli effect - wing/air-foil
  • Onion Drive
  • Andreasson engine
  • Bob Lazar element 115 drive
  • Torsion drive
  • Tesla "FST squirt drive" (AC and DC tesla FST density manipulation)
  • German Vril
  • Ancient India Vimana
  • Mass change during electrolysis of water (discovered this one myself, and otherwise undocumented on the net. Just call it the Benedict effect *shrug*)
  • Weight change while sleep walking
  • Mass change in luminescent materials when flash pumped
  • Floyd Sweet's Barium Ferrite Magnets
  • David Hamel, the iron butterfly and flying 55-gallon drums
  • Viktor Grebennikov and the Cavity Structure Effect
  • Quartz crystals (and others) and high frequency currents
  • Tom Bearden and scalar waves
  • Podkletnov and spinning superconductors
  • Francis Aquino
  • ELF pumped toroids
  • John Bedini antigravity effects of overunity engine
  • Mass change in almost any claimed over-unity device
  • Biefield-Brown Effect
  • Orgone field manipulation
  • Jean Louise Naudin Lifter (actually worked briefly with this guy on a project)
  • TR-3B Flying Black triangles, supposed rotational mercury engine
  • Caduceous coils
  • Rodin Coils
  • Tibetan monks and sound levitation (sound induced nuclear resonance)
  • Tesla, mechanical vibration and antigravity
  • Bismuth and dia-magnetism
  • Electric Rocket
  • The Coral Castle in Florida (Edward Leedskalnin)
  • John Searl generator
  • David Hutchison- tesla coil experiments
  • Wallace and the effects of high speed rotation of odd-spin state metals
  • Werner Von Braun and the rocket engine
  • Dan Davidson and shape power, rotational fields
  • Keeleynet antigravity pages (John Worrel Keely)
  • Walter Russell
  • Rex Research antigravity pages
  • Joe Parr's gravity wheel
  • NASA "warp" drive
  • Solar Sail
  • Bussard Ram Scoop
  • Ion Drive
  • Pulsed Nuclear Drive
  • Bio-levitation/ telekinesis
  • B-field
  • Spinning Event Horizon on a black hole
  • Chaz Campbell gravitational engine
  • Tesla and MagnetoHydroDynamic (MHD) ideas
  • And more (that I will post as I remember or come across them)... (Know of any I should include? Write me!)

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